The Vision

         Being a woman in today’s society isn’t easy, even 100 years post-Suffragette movement. Being a woman of God is even harder. Sometimes it feels like there are hurdles to the holy and pure life we strive for around every corner, and it can be very difficult to discern the right move to make next!

        At times it’s easy to feel lost and confused, but God doesn’t want us to struggle on alone, He wants us to turn to His Word and receive His guidance. My hope is that you’ll find words of encouragement in this blog to help you tackle the various issues we all face as women.

        The concept of new feminism supported by Saint John Paul II – which emphasises God’s initial plan for the equality and complementarity of the sexes – provides a large amount of the inspiration for the blog. His gift to us of the Theology of the Body also reminds us of our inherent value of women, and offers the perfect antidote to many of our issues surrounding self-esteem and body image in particular.

        The Bible is full of strong, brave, powerful, wise and cunning women, all of whom can teach us very different but equally appropriate lessons about how God works, His plan for our lives, and how to walk as a women of faith. I’ll also be profiling some of these women periodically to uncover the lessons we can learn from their characters and actions.

        'THE VISION' is that women of today will be empowered to live for God without shame, fear or self-doubt, will know the depth of the Father's love, will embrace the glory of their authentic femininity, and will be inspired to seek God's voice in everything and discern the plan He has for each and every one of us.

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