Monday, 30 December 2013

A new year, a new start...

Dear 2014,

I promise…
…to press play on life.
…to buy the full-fat version and smile sweetly at the part of me that disapproves.
…to exercise for pleasure, not punishment, because my 'body is a temple of the Holy Spirit'.
…to look in the mirror every day and tell myself I was ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.
…to fight the voice telling me I’m unworthy, inadequate, invisible.
…to listen instead to the voice telling me I’m beautiful, unique, enough.
…to embrace my identity as a daughter of the King, because 'the royal daughter is all glorious within'.
…to forgive those who ‘know not what they do’.
…to offer up my heart, my mind and my words.
…to step out in faith and follow God’s call without hesitation, because I'm here 'for such a time as this'.
…to raise my voice in worship whatever it might sound like.
…to have the devotion of Anna, the love of Ruth, the courage of Esther and the humility of Elizabeth.
…to breathe each breath for the greater glory of God.
…to view life through Heaven’s eyes. 

I promise to LIVE.

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