Monday, 24 February 2014

When the going gets tough... ask for prayer!

    I'm generally pretty good at sending out prayer requests for other people, but pretty bad at asking for prayer for myself. But as a final year student with just a couple of weeks before my (two!) dissertations are due in, and with the anxiety rising each day and general craziness setting in (who am I kidding? Yesterday I lay down of the library floor in a fit of hysterical laughter blurting out phrases and questions which made absolutely no sense to anyone, and had to be rescued by a baking session with my friend!), I'm having to learn to suck it up and ask for a whole lot of prayer! 

    Please, please pray for me - and for all the other students across the world who are in the same situation right now!

BUT here's the deal...

   This is an idea which I've taken from a post on prayer intentions by Sarah (the latest guest blogger!), but I liked it so much that I wanted to do it myself.

    At the moment I am spending an unspeakable number of hours cooped up in the library with endless internet tabs displaying numerous research papers which must be evaluated and compiled into some sort of comprehensible literature review, along with countless data files to be analysed for a separate research project - all of which is seriously against the clock at this stage!

    What I would love to do is offer up each word I type, each number I program in and each moment of anxiety being stuck in my throat for your intentions. So... feel free to send me your prayer requests!

Drop me an email, use the contact form or comment below!

p.s. If you use the contact form you can also send it anonymously, or if you comment below then you can have everyone else praying for you too!      


  1. Joining you in prayer, Esther, and offering my studies and anxieties for your intentions as well. God bless you! ♥

    1. Thanks Sarah! You're first on my list of intentions :) xx

    2. Oh, thank you! That is such a special gift! God bless! :)