Friday, 7 March 2014

Perfect Imperfections: Lenten Challenge

As women, we all want to feel beautiful - right? 

We spend hours painstakingly carrying out the many rituals which we're told will perfect our flaws. Razors, make-up, hair straighteners, nail varnish... you name it!

What if there was another option to make us beautiful? One that took no longer than your morning shower? Well... THERE IS! The Spirit that lives within each one of us just longing to be allowed to shine out. We were created without make-up or perfectly styled hair. We were given a beauty that is natural and deep and unshakable, we just find it so hard to see it sometimes.

I know I'm as bad at this as anyone! I spend far too much time being vain or insecure. I'm a complete perfectionist! 

This Lent I'm tackling the Perfect Imperfections Challenge and aiming to spend more time embracing my inner beauty than correcting my outer beauty. It's goodbye make-up and goodbye hair straighteners with the only exceptions being special occasions and Sundays (if desired)! It's going to be hard. REALLY hard!!!! But I'm also hoping it will enable me to  work on my relationship with God in the time freed up by my (lack of) relationship with the mirror.

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  1. Wow. If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off for you! I have gave up buying makeup for Lent, but I certainly couldn't go as far as give it up!! That is truly amazing!!

    1. Thanks Claire! Keep an eye out for updates on how it's going - it's been tough to begin with, but already starting to get used to it. Strangely relieving!