Thursday, 24 April 2014

Guest Post: Sarah Beresford

Sarah and her husband, David, have just taken over as directors of the Catholic Bible School.

        When I was about 13 I had a birthday sleepover party with my four best friends. At some point in the middle of the night after laughing a lot, eating way too much sugar and talking about all the boys we fancied we got a bit serious and wrote down five ambitions each. I remember finding this hard after the first two. Did I want to be a florist or an actress or whatever the current fantasy career was at the time.

         The first two were easy though and they haven't changed as I have gotten older. I wanted to be a good wife and a good mum. I still do. My career ideals have changed here and there over the years although broadly in the same field but my family life is permanent. 

        I fell in love with my wonderful David (his name means Beloved - and he is) when I was 17 years old and married him three years later aged 20. Almost 22 years down the line I still love him and much more than I did back then. Eight years ago our lovely daughter Molly was born (her name means wished for child - and she is) and the other great focus of my life came into being. 

        To be a woman of God is to truly live out your vocation, and for me this is being the best I can as a wife and mother. It means setting a good example and living a life of love and sacrifice. It means putting them first in the knowledge that they do the same. It means trying my best to always be attentive to the presence of God in my life, which can be quite tricky, but it's easier when I can make decisions that I know will build my marriage and family and not distract me from them because David and Molly are permanent features (God-willing) in my life and everything else - apart from the Lord himself - can change and most likely will. 

        It doesn't sound exciting to some and in fact sounds quite old-fashioned and outdated to many, but I find it liberating and joyful because it is an active choice I have made. Being a woman of God means trusting and listening and loving till it hurts and doing it with those you love most makes it the most fulfilling experience ever. 

So fall in love with the Lord and do your best to listen and trust and do what you think he wants you to do.

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