Thursday, 8 May 2014

The State of Feminism ~ Spoken Word

Videos aren't my usual style, but this has been being built up to for a while...


In the beginning He had a plan.
A plan to prosper, not to harm. A plan for unity, not disparity.
To reflect His own image we were born of His creativity,
Male and female He created them: two sexes, one humanity.
Undefeatable in their complementarity.
But then came enmity.

Temptation by self-inflation only ended in oppression.
Infiltration by the enemy manifested in misogyny.
The invisibility of women ignored internationally.
Suffering degradation at the hands of the patriarchy.

Domestic violence isn’t history and warzones just breed anonymity amidst hostility.
Fighting for your country is no excuse for the theft of young naivety.
Made to be captivating, but held in captivity.
Drowned by incapacity to defend, forced to run from the crimes against their purity.
Yet we stay silent.

Instead our goal is the career ladder and the zeroes in our bank balance.
Let’s not restrict our potential, but should money be a priority?
Life’s productivity can’t be reduced to a title or salary, any more than to the status of the men we marry.
Aggression serves no purpose yet we claim it as our weapon.
Such desperation for acceptance that there’s rashness to our reactivity.
Tell me, does that path even have a destination?

‘Cursed’ with sensitivity we deny our vulnerability when in reality
These are gifts encompassed in bravery.
Our own trepidation at rejection is what puts the fear in inferiority
And we get so caught up in the need for approval that we lose sight of the goal.
Since when does equality have to mean superiority?

Do we want to be equal, or identical?
Valued for our uniqueness or for our box-ticking ability?
We impede our receptivity in a culture of sterility.
In this quest for equality we’ve repressed our femininity under the guise of freedom
That’s not sincerity!

Let’s not forget the intentionality of our individuality.
The relationship between Man and Woman has more simplicity than we recognise
And that’s the Good News!

Christ’s is the victory that redeemed us from slavery.
He’s the way, the truth and the life for me.
His radical respect restored our dignity.
The holes in His hands bare His heart though we’re broken inside
Because He truly knew Love when He said ‘Be my bride’.

There is hope.
For a generation of women who yearn for fulfilment not merely achievement.
Who shout with joy, not to make themselves heard.
Who know who they are, and whose they are.
Who feel the security of the Father’s love and profess their God-given personality without shame or false humility.
Not the watered-down version but the return to Eden in all its glory.
Authentic femininity embraced unashamedly.

Man and woman He created them: two sexes, one humanity.


  1. This is really, really good! Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I'm from Argentina and recently descovered your blog. I'd like to do a simmilar one in Spanish, to communicate in my language with love the truth of men and women, and to give light and hope to others. God loves us as we are. God bless you!