Sunday, 4 May 2014

Why the enemy hates women

The enemy HATES women.

        I’m pretty sure he’s not too fond of men either, but he has a special kind of hatred for women. Because of that hatred he attempts to make us suffer on a regular basis, meaning we must become adept warrior princesses in the battles of spiritual warfare in order to survive.

        So many women bear assaults on their happiness in the form of chronically low self-esteem, negative body image and self-hatred. Around 1 in 5 women suffer from depression over the course of their lifetime – making them twice as susceptible as men. Satan wants to hold us down, destroy our self-belief and silence our outrage.


1. We have the power to destroy him.
    When Adam and Eve committed Original Sin after being tempted by the serpent, God declared that ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.’ (Genesis 3:15). It has been prophesied that one day our offspring will defeat Satan, and for that reason we are the biggest threat he faces. If he can take us down, he can take down the whole of humanity. No wonder he targets us so intensely!

2. We have a strong influence.
    The serpent could have chosen Adam to tempt, but he chose Eve. If that was because he thought she was weaker, then he was much mistaken. But if it was an indirect way of tackling both of them at once then it was a wise tactic on his part. We have a constant influence on situations even in ways we don’t realise. We’ve all heard the saying ‘behind every great man there stands a great woman’, but it’s truer than we give it credit for! Men learn values and perspectives from the mothers who raised them, instinctively turn to their wives for advice, and will do anything to protect their daughters. 

    Throughout history the roots, manifestations and solutions of war and political unrest have all in some way involved women – think about heated debates over the oppression of women, the rape and kidnap of innocent women in war zones, and the alarming rate of sexual and domestic violence… but also of the women like Esther, Boudica and more recently Benazir Bhutto and Aung San Suu Kyi who have fought boldly to restore peace and justice. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Satan knows he is no match for us, and is terrified of our potential.

3. We are life-giving.
    Femininity represents life, Satan lives for death. Whilst he continually attempts to destroy the world, we continually bring forth new life to perpetuate it. ‘Eve’ even means ‘life’! What’s more, through our motherhood – both physical and spiritual – we demonstrate our unique capacity for love and service: a love which keeps the world moving even in the midst of despair and brings a hope which Satan can’t compete with. 

4. We are everything he can never be.
    Adam’s first words following Eve’s creation are words of praise and exaltation. She was the glorious culmination of Creation: her beauty reflects the beauty of God, and it’s that beauty which Satan desires but can never achieve. We have favour with God, whose own son was born of Mary – emphasizing her value in God’s eyes. Satan will never be regarded with that much respect, and he loathes us for it. When his envy turns to spite he is at his most vicious. 

Satan hates us, but Jesus told us to remember that the world hated Him first! (see John 15:18).

        Satan knows how to get to each of us individually. For me, when the old eating disorder fixations and depressive symptoms arise I know I’m under attack. But I will not allow myself to be beaten again. It is only through Christ who gives me strength that I’m able to fight back, and win! In order to succeed in the battle, it’s vital that we recognise his work!

    I want to encourage you to learn to identify the attacks of the enemy, and speak into those moments words of truth! Pray your way through the persecution, because the blood of Christ is the only antidote. 

Next time you find yourself under spiritual attack, turn your face to Jesus.
Develop your own simple prayer which you can repeat to yourself to gain strength in your moments of weakness, and make sure Satan knows that he will never be your master. You already have a king. The King of Glory!


  1. So true. I applaud your suggestion to turn your face to Jesus at times of attack. In fact, gazing upon His Holy Face at these times is a most powerful supernatural counterattack. Young women ( of all ages ) need this encouragement. Keep writing with zeal! May Jesus bless you richly for your faithfulness.

    1. Thanks so much Lora! It's a truth we all need reminding of sometimes - Jesus is the antidote to any ailment or attack! :)